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Membrane Roofing

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We offer a wide range of membrane roofing products for waterproofing both domestic and commercial roofs.

Domestic Roofing

For low pitched and flat roof construction, a waterproof surface is essential to prevent water leakage during the extreme heavy rain our sub tropical climate can produce.

We use Council approved and BRANZ appraised systems as follows

Double layer Bitumen torch applied systems

  • Nuralite Nuraply
  • Equus Tremco & De Boer Duo
  • Nuplex Soprema
  • Ardex Shelterbit
  • Hitchins Index
  • Allco Casali
  • Jaydex Polibit
  • Waterproofing Systems Bituflame
Single layer TPO / TPE systems
  • Nuralite Nuratech TPE
  • Ardex TPO
  • Casali Mapeplan TPO
  • Viking Roofspecs Enviroclad TPO

Our applicators take great care to carefully seal around problem areas such as vents, skylights, dormer windows, chimneys and eaves to ensure a leak free roof.

We have worked on many architecturally designed homes where complex roof shapes have been successfully sealed.  We can also supply green roof systems such as roof gardens and earth insulated roofs.

Commercial Roofing

We have worked on some of the largest commercial office buildings and apartment blocks in New Zealand.

We can supply waterproof roofing solutions for the following applications:

  • Concrete roofed parking buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Podium roofing
  • Plaza decks
  • Apartment blocks

We can supply waterproofing solutions for rooftop gardens, planted roof areas and green roof systems for commercial buildings.

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