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Below Ground Tanking

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Keeping water out of below ground structures requires careful choice and application of waterproofing systems to ensure effective long term protection.

Wherever there is a chance of external hydrostatic pressure, for example in deep excavations, high ground water levels, proximity to lakes, streams, springs or tidal areas we almost exclusively recommend Volclay Bentonite sealing solutions as supplied by the NZ agents Allco Waterproofing Solutions ltd.

Bentonite is a natural, non toxic, plastic-like clay that when wet can swell 10 to 15 times its dry volume.  It is frequently mixed with other polymers and chemicals to improve its acid resistance and other properties.  To keep it in place for application, Bentonite is generally placed in woven mats or panels that bond to the concrete.  When properly applied and constrained, Bentonite transforms to a thick impermeable gel that has the ability to absorb movement.  Unlike any other waterproofing product it will self heal  minor penetrations.

While Bentonite sounds like the perfect waterproofing solution for tanking, it requires careful aplication to ensure the product is properly constrained and cannot expand uncontrollably.  It can also be affected by acidic ground water so it is essential you talk to people who understand the product and can recommend the correct product from the extensive Volclay range.

We are licenced applicators of Volclay and Sika Bentonite systems.  Call us today to discuss how we can best protect your building from annoying and costly water leaks.

Bentonite systems have also been successfully used in above ground structures such as plaza decks.

Contact MPM Waterproofing Services Ltd for the best below ground waterproofing, basement waterproofing and retaining wall waterproofing systems available.




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