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Q  I'm an architect with a customer who wants reassurance that they will not end up with a leaky building.  Can you help me?

A  We work closely with many architects to correctly specify products and application methods to ensure buildings stay leak free.


Q  My builder says he can do all the waterproofing work on my building so why should I call you?

A  While you may have a very competent builder, we are fully trained in the correct selection and application of our waterproofing products to ensure you get a leak free building.  Ask your builder to contact us so that any Restricted Building work is carry out professionally and is Code Compliant.


Q  My building is being constructed to a very tight timeframe.  How reliable are you?

A  We turn up when we say we will.  Some of our products are weather sensitive so we will work closely with your site manager to ensure that conditions are right before we start.


Q  Can I buy product from you and apply it myself?

A  Sure, we are happy to supply product and application advice however, most people after talking to us about how to do the job properly, get us to do the job for them. Be aware that most consented waterproofing work needs to be applied by certified applicators to obtain Code Compliance.


Q  I see you work on big building sites, will you look after someone who wants to do up their home bathroom?

A  We are happy to work on the small jobs, we like the variety.


Q  Do you do waterproofing of walls for tiling?

A  Yes, we do complete waterproofing of kitchens, bathrooms and shower areas.


Q  Are you BRANZ approved?

A  BRANZ is an organisation that tests products and makes appraisals.  They do not specifically approve any product or applicator.  Many of our products are BRANZ appraised and we are trained in their correct application.


Q  Can you guarantee my roof:

A  Most of our roofing products carry a 20 year product guarantee, coupled with our 5 year workmanship warranty..


Q  How does bentonite work:

A  Bentonite is a natural non toxic, plastic like clay that when wet creates a gel like substance 10 to 15 times its dry volume.  It can self heal minor penetrations and cracks making it an ideal solution for below ground applications.


If you have any other questions, please give MPM Waterproofing Services Ltd a call.  We will be happy to help.




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